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Are You a Day Dreamer?

If you watch YouTube, you can find many entrepreneurs giving advice about how to be successful. Some of them are very interesting and offer reasonable advice. Some of them offer advice I would never follow: such as getting up at 3:30 AM, taking cold showers, working out at the gym at 5:00 AM, etc. That lifestyle may work for them, but I could never do it. The entrepreneurs whom I do find inspiring are those who advise you to think big, aim high and work hard--otherwise, you'll just remain a day dreamer and never get started. That I understand.

Day dreaming can be fun, but it should never be a lifestyle. Even when we dream big, we actually have to put in the work. This week we've been working at the Champlain Valley Fair and Expo in Essex Jct., VT where The St Nicholas Project has a booth promoting the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. We don't make much money there, but we are a physical presence promoting a good charity. We hand out brochures to people who stop at out table, we explain Kurn Hattin's mission, and we hand out a lot of free chocolate. Passersby do see the large poster-sized pictures of the kids and our SNP banner and I hope that that makes an impression upon them.

A friend said to me, "Why do you put in all those hours every year at the Fair when you don't make much money?" Well, because I believe that hard work pays off and that those who receive our brochures will pray for the kids, think of the kids, and eventually financially support the kids. It is hard work, but supporting the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children is worth it! Wouldn't you agree? Dream big. Aim high. Work hard.

Please make a donation today by clicking on the Donate icon above. Thank you for remembering the boys and girls at the children's home! God bless you!

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