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Be a Light!

(By guest blogger, Laura Duquette)

I always like this time of year. It’s still chilly some days and most nights, everything is colorless, the grass is brown and there are no flowers or leaves in sight. It’s the “almost Spring but we’re not quite there, yet” season. Although it’s certainly not my favorite time of year, I have come to appreciate it because it brings me glimpses of what is to come. The snow has mostly melted, and the days get slightly warmer. The sound of the geese flying back north has begun, and we hear many more birds chirping.

Something inside stirs in us and we find ourselves thinking about the future. Despite what it still looks like outside on the surface, glimmers of light peek through. We know the light we are beginning to see promises longer, more pleasant days ahead. We will soon arrive at the breathtaking beauty of late Spring flowers which will lead us into another green and lush Vermont summertime.

All the good things we do to prepare our homes for Spring and Summer give us a sense of hope for the beauty that is just around the corner. Let’s also remember to look outside our homes and consider the good we can do for others. As part of the St Nicholas Project, I think a lot about the good I can do in supporting the children at Kurn Hattin Homes and how this help will last more than a season. Let’s consider a child living through a difficult time at home or surrounded by circumstances that are unproductive and grim. When children go to the Kurn Hattin Homes, they find a place where they can thrive. The difference is amazing, just as the change in seasons we are about to see is amazing.

Through the stability of routine, the tireless efforts of their teachers and the love and support for the children's wellbeing, the boys and girls blossom from a place of despair to a place of support, growth and fulfillment that will ultimately lead to a more promising future.

It’s gratifying to understand that when we support the Kurn Hattin Homes, we contribute to the wellbeing of the children who live there. Our support becomes a light that begins to bring about a very real transformation in their lives that lasts a lifetime! Now that’s something to look forward to! We hope as you get ready for this Spring and Summer that you’ll also join the St Nicholas Project in this important work of preparing children for their futures. Won’t you donate today to Kurn Hattin Homes and become a light in the life of a child who needs you?

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Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Mar 21, 2022


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