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Be A Saint. Be a Saint Nicholas!

Every year as Christmas draws closer, we are greeted with familiar Christmas carols on the radio, shiny, bright lights seemingly everywhere and images of snowmen and reindeer and, of course, "Santa Claus." While Jesus is the true reason why we celebrate Christmas, did you know that our image of today's St. Nick or Santa Claus, who delivers gifts and fills the stockings of children on Christmas Eve, actually has its origins in the real Saint Nicholas? St. Nicholas was a Catholic bishop who lived in the late 3rd to early 4th centuries in Myra, Turkey, and he is the patron saint of children. Stories abound about his powerful intercession on behalf of children whom he helped and protected from perilous circumstances during his lifetime. His feast day is celebrated on December 6th.

The St Nicholas Project strives to improve the lives of children-in-need at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Just like St Nicholas did in his own time, we too help care for the children in a special way! We love them when we help provide for their food, shelter, and clothing. We help protect them from the long-term effects they experienced in difficult family situations, and we care for their wellbeing when we give financially toward their education and housing. Like St. Nicholas, we do this out of generosity, with humility and out of love for a child in need.

Since we have just recently celebrated his feast day, we hope you'll think of St Nicholas' timely help and kindness toward children by remembering the boys and girls at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Won't you join us today in showing your love and support by making a donation for the children today in honor of St Nicholas?

---by guest blogger, Laura Duquette

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