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Calling All Gardners

Do you have a green thumb and love planting flowers to make your home beautiful? Or maybe you have thought about planting your very own herbs so you can harvest your own, fresh herbs to cook with?

This Spring the St Nicholas Project is sponsoring a Gardening Adventure! Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced gardener, you can create your very own Victory Flower Garden or Herb Garden this season AND support the children at Kurn Hattin Homes at the same time! We hope you will join in the fun.

We are offering a pre-selected mix of 50 seeds per packet of either Flowers OR Herbs.

*The Flower Mix packet contains California Poppies, Nasturtium, Marigolds, Cornflower & Daisies.

*The Herb Mix packet contains Oregano, Basil, Sage, Parsley & Cilantro.

Seeds can be planted outside when weather permits. You do not need lots of space to participate! These plants can all be grown in smaller beds or large containers if you choose.

100% of your donation goes to support the Kurn Hattin Homes.

To Order: By Donation only.

*Mail your donation check made payable to Kurn Hattin Homes to:

Fr. Lance W. Harlow, 113 Elmwood Ave, Burlington, VT 05401.

*Specify how many packets of flower mix seeds or herb mix seeds you would like to order. Remember each packet contains a total of 50 seeds.

-Optional Contest -

We will be giving away a gift card to a local gardening store in your area, and YOU COULD WIN IT! We are looking for the most beautiful FLOWER garden AND the most amazing looking HERB garden. All you need to do is send us a picture of your Victory flower garden or your Victory herb garden by 9/15/21 to be entered in the contest!

Your support helps change the lives of children in need and gives them hope for a better future. That is a big victory! So, join us in ordering your flower seeds or your herb seeds (or both!) and plant your own Victory garden this Spring with The St. Nicholas Project!

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Linda M. Perrin
25 apr 2021


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