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Eight ways your donation has an impact

Why should you donate money to Kurn Hattin Homes for Children? Let me give you eight good reasons!

#1 Academic Excellence. Students are grouped by ability, not by grade so they actually learn at a better pace. They receive individualized support and learn social skills for interacting with each other so that disruptive and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated in the classroom or anywhere.

#2 Student Life: As a residential care facility, Kurn Hattin is a home for the boys and girls; not just a school. There are 10-11 children per cottage under the supervision of houseparents. In the cottages, the children truly experience a family-like environment in which they blossom. Coming from difficult family situations, the boys and girls at Kurn Hattin experience security, love, well-being and hope.

#3 Family Outreach: Kurn Hattin even helps families find transportation in order to get their children to and from the Homes in Westminster, VT and offers opportunities for families to visit and to stay overnight on campus, if necessary. Every effort is made through outside agencies to help parents and children create a healthy family situation once they leave.

#4 Music and Art. All of the children participate in vocal or instrumental music which builds their confidence. With a busy performance schedule, these boys and girls learn how to interact socially and "professionally" with adults. Drawing, painting, pottery and sculpting form part of their school curriculum and allow them to express themselves creatively.

#5 Health and Counseling. Children receive one-on-one counseling sessions. There is also an infirmary on campus with a nurses on-duty. Their emphasis on preventive health care stresses hygiene, nutrition and exercise.

#6 Sports and Activities. Boys and girls participate in physical education during the day and can also participate in interscholastic and intramural sports, such as: baseball, softball, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, swimming, tubing, and basketball. In addition, the hills and fields provide ample opportunities for bike riding, playing at the jungle gym or just being outdoors.

#7 Farm Science and Equine Therapy. Students are involved with caring for and harvesting the garden, apple orchard and helping with maple syrup production while at the same time learning where food comes from. The horse therapy program enables the boys and girls to feed and care for a horse, as well as learn how to ride one! The children build self-esteem and self-confidence as they care for the animals.

#8 Summer recreational program. For children who would benefit by staying for the summer at Kurn Hattin, and are unable to go home, Kurn Hattin offers a fun summer recreation program with sports, trips, movies, arts and crafts and adventures.

Come and visit and see for yourself how your donation to Kurn Hattin is giving new life to these boys and girls from troubled and broken homes. Thank you for remembering them!

One of the therapy horses and one of the cottages at Kurn Hattin.

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