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Four chili cheeseburgers and a volcano

The other day I was making lunch for a cowboy I know who was stopping by the church. As it turns out, he was "babysitting" for a friend's son who is a 3rd grader. I had briefly met the boy the day before with his mother and his other brother. It was a very quick "nice to meet you" kind of visit. And, as I was leaving, the boy told me he was going to make a volcano for a school project. I said, "Good luck with the volcano"--not expecting to see them again.

But, guess who showed up for lunch the next day? Yup. The volcano boy. Smart kid. Excellent manners. Great conversationalist.

I was trying to flip hamburgers, stir chili, toast hamburger buns and at the same time listen to him talk about Greek heroes and demigods -not to mention the details of the volcano experiment that had turned into an inferno.

Then it struck me: This kid is like a volcano! Boiling over with dreams, ideas, and imagination--and so excited to have someone to listen to him.

But what about the kids who don't have someone to listen to their dreams, ideas and imagination? In some families, parents are absent physically and/or emotionally; tempers are short; stress is the norm. But you can change that. When you support the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, you provide an environment for boys and girls who are like "little volcanoes", brimming over with enthusiasm! But, also, at Kurn Hattin there are adults who listen and encourage the kids to share their dreams and their stories.

It is important for children to have adults in their lives who take their dreams and hopes seriously. In those trusting relationships, these children feel safe to express themselves. Without those relationships, they may sink into ways of self-expression

that can be very harmful.

Please make a donation to Kurn Hattin today. There's a lot of dreaming to do when you're a volcano. God bless you!

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Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
May 21, 2020


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