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It's easy to have friends when you are little. It's hard to have friends when you are older. Perhaps it seems like there are more things at stake with adult friendships--the needs of spouses and children, demanding jobs, lack of time, opposing opinions, etc.

As the saying goes though, one does know one's friends when bad times come: the loss of a spouse, getting fired from a job, incarceration or some other trial. Your good friends stand by you. You good friends challenge you. Your good friends love you. Your fair-weather friends disappear quietly--or not so quietly.

In the transition from childhood to adulthood we experience the slipping away of friendships that were situational: we played on the same team, in the same band, or took the same classes. But "true friends" always seem to remain faithful despite the passage of years and circumstances. They are truly God's blessing


The St. Nicholas Project is friends with the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. We are "true" friends--each looking out for the other's best interests. We will grow old together. Will you be our friend, too?

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