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Giving Thanks

(By guest blogger, Laura Duquette).

Throughout our lives we face many challenges. When we look at the world, we can see even more problems and difficulties and wonder how, or if, we will be able to overcome them. There will always be problems in the world and we will always encounter difficulties. When faced with challenges, we are free to choose our response. We can despair or we can be hopeful. We can lament the challenge or we can face it with courage. We can focus on the problems or we can choose to be thankful for the good that’s all around us. It’s sometimes easy to forget good things and it is better to focus on the blessings in our lives, to see the good in others and to recognize ways we can help others in need which, in turn, causes us joy. It’s so important to take time to be thankful.

That is why I love Thanksgiving! More than just eating turkey, stuffing, puddings, and pies, it is an opportunity to think about and appreciate our families, our friends, our homes, and our work. After the cooking is done, it’s a chance to slow down and be reminded of how blessed we are, to be grateful and to share with others.

I’m personally very grateful for many things in my life. One of them is The St Nicholas Project. The St Nicholas Project, through our generosity and care, reaches out and supports children from families in need who live at the Kurn Hattin Homes. It supports this wonderful organization that puts the children's needs first and foremost and provides for their care, education and personal wellbeing. This project has allowed me personally to become more involved in giving and serving others and reaching out to the community to encourage others to do the same! It is a way in which, by our financial and material support, we can all take action to help those who are more vulnerable and alleviate some of the burdens and challenges the children have faced in their own young lives.

In addition to being grateful for everything we have, let’s give thanks for the opportunity we have now to help others this season.

Won’t you join us in supporting The St Nicholas Project and the Kurn Hattin Homes this Thanksgiving with your donation?

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Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Nov 23, 2021


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