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This time of year many alumni of the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children return to visit. Some have come to attend graduation. Some are on vacation from college. Some have come back with their spouses and children. Some have just finished their first year at high school and want to talk about how well Kurn Hattin helped and prepared them. For whatever the reason, it's thrilling to see them again.

Most striking, of course, is how they have grown up into young men and women since their 8th grade graduation. There is always a flood of memories, lots of laughs and talk about dreams for their future careers and family life.

For our St. Nicholas Project donors, there is a sense of satisfaction that we have helped them arrive at this new level of maturity. Although we may not be on-campus when they visit, we are there spiritually with our prayers for their continued success as young adults. The donations you make to support the Kurn Hattin Homes really make a difference in producing happy, successful young men and women building their careers and their families.

If you get a chance, check out some of the pictures of smiling faces of alumni who have come "home" to visit. Look at those lives you have touched by your financial and material support. You do make a difference and every smile is worth it!

Please make a donation today by clicking on the donate icon above. God bless you!

Photo credit: Naassom Azevedo

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