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Is There Anybody in the Audience for Me?

There is a loneliness that accompanies poverty. That loneliness seeks community and it seeks family. One notices it especially with children who are performing in a concert or perhaps playing a sport. They look to the audience or to the bleachers to see if there is somebody special out there who has come to see them perform. Many times for children who come from families with difficulties, there is nobody out there. Nobody to watch them perform a musical solo. Nobody to watch them hit the home run or score the three-pointer on the basketball court. That loneliness hurts and can make the child feel unloved and insignificant.

The beauty of a residential facility like the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children is that there is always somebody out there cheering. A houseparent. A teacher. A volunteer. A benefactor. The clapping and the cheering make an impression on a boy or girl who struggles with trauma and all the emotions associated with it.

Our donors know the value and importance of maintaining a charitable organization like Kurn Hattin Homes which provides support and encouragement. Sometimes it's even a shoulder to cry on when a child realizes that nobody showed up for him or her again.

Perhaps you went through something similar when you were a child. Maybe there was nobody there with whom you could share your victories and successes. Maybe those memories are too painful to remember. But if that's the case, then you share something in common with our boys and girls at Kurn Hattin.

Your donation today does make a difference, though. Your donation makes you a cheerleader for those children looking out into the audience for somebody to notice them. Please click on the donate icon above. God bless you!

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