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It Takes Somebody to Notice

This plant was almost dead by the time I got to it. I have been nursing it back to health for months. It had been left in a room with hardly any light and over watered. I immediately moved it to a window with an eastern exposure and used holy water (my secret weapon) once a week. Now look at it! After several months it has filled out completely and has even blossomed with delicate little flowers. That's all it took! It takes somebody to notice!

Taking care of children in crisis is a similar process. It takes the right combination of nurturance, food, education, structure, discipline and love in order for them to blossom. Most often, they are coming from a setting in which they failed to thrive for various reasons until somebody took notice of it and sent them to the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children where experienced teachers, houseparents, counselors, staff and volunteers "nurse" them back to health. And then they blossom, like my little plant.

But I left out one important person in the care of children; or actually, I saved the best for last. That's you! You, who are a donor to the St. Nicholas Project. You are one of the most important people on the care team because your financial support changes everything. Without those financial resources, that boy or girl would still be left in a setting in which he or she would fail to thrive. Like me noticing that the little plant was not going to make it and by getting involved, you do the same exact thing with every donation. You notice and you get involved! Because of that children are blossoming into something beautiful at Kurn Hattin Homes. Some may have said that "this one" will never amount to anything, but you don't settle for that.

Thank you for noticing and thank you for nursing them back to health--and beyond health--to a beautiful and fruitful life!

Please notice the need and make a donation today to the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children by clicking on the donate icon. God bless you!

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