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Let's Raise Them Up!

By guest blogger, Laura Duquette

On our life’s journey we have all met face-to-face with moments of sadness and of despair. ‘When troubles come, and [our hearts are] burdened”, we can have difficulty finding strength to move forward courageously. Thankfully in times of trouble, a person shows up at just the right time to help lift us up or help us to find peace and take the next step. Our own experience should make us reflect and become ever more empathetic towards those people who face hard times and compel us to take action to help alleviate them.

The good news is, when we support the children at Kurn Hattin Homes, this is exactly what we do!

We recognize the heavy burdens that the children have carried, and we can extend a helping hand so they can “walk on [the] stormy seas” of life. Our continued financial support of Kurn Hattin provides them the experiences they need to climb out of their difficult circumstances and to “stand on mountains” with confidence. Ultimately, it is about love. With our loving support of the children, we can truly “raise them up, to more than they could be” on their own and help give them hope for a happier future.

So, the next time you think about that person who helped you during a difficult time, remember that YOU can be that same person to a child in need. The ability to do so is in your hands as a part of The St Nicholas Project family. Let’s raise up the children at Kurn Hattin Homes with our donations, with our support and with our love. Your help truly makes a difference! Please click on the donate button above.

(Quotations from the song “You Raise Me Up”, lyrics by Brendan Graham, 2002)

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