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Making Christmas Memories

(by guest blogger, Laura Duquette)

Growing up I remember vividly that after spending a fun Christmas Eve with family, there was nothing I liked better than to just sit by myself in a big cozy chair near the woodstove in front of our tree looking at the pretty lights and sparkling ornaments while soaking in the peace and quiet, thinking about all that I was thankful for and all I looked forward to. There were so many little things we would do to make Christmastime special – like putting out the Nativity scene in the wooden crèche my grandfather made, baking cookies and so much more. Some of the traditions from growing up I still carry with me today. We all have memories of what Christmas was like growing up and the special traditions that have me part of our lives.

I realize how fortunate I was growing up. And I also think about those children today whose families are struggling and whose children don’t have happy Christmas memories at home – either because of financial hardship or because creating positive experiences or a stable home life is not possible or sometimes not a priority. Worse yet, what about those children who are homeless? The experiences we have as children make their way into our adulthood, and all children should experience the warmth and stability that home provides, during the holidays and all year round. For children who suffer from neglect, poverty, or living through family instability due to drugs, homelessness, or other problems, having a memorable Christmas season is often very much out of reach.

Thankfully there is a place for children to experience stability, warmth, peace and fun at Christmastime and throughout the year! At Kurn Hattin Homes, they make the holidays fun and special for the kids. This season is filled with good food, beautiful decorations, music, and time to give and receive gifts to the other children. There’s even a little bazaar where children who are able to visit home can pick out a gift or two for their family.

I had the opportunity to visit Kurn Hattin just before Christmas a couple years ago and to watch the children sing and play music. They were so happy and proud to be a part of that special performance. Thankfully, Kurn Hattin Homes not only transforms the lives of children and families forever, as their mission states, but they also help create beautiful childhood memories at Christmastime that will last! We hope you, our St Nicholas Project family, will continue to help Kurn Hattin Homes make wonderful Christmas memories with the children. We hope you’ll remember the kids with your donation this Christmas season!!

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Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Dec 21, 2021


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