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Moving Can Be Tough On Kids

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

What makes a house a home? Anyone who has moved knows that moving into a new house doesn't always seem like home for a while. It helps to have familiar things. These could be treasured objects or photos that make the space feel more comfortable. More than this, what's important is the interior peace one feels when a person is truly "at home" in a place. And that takes time.

In my experience, a house doesn't feel like home until we grow accustomed to it, feel secure in it, find things we enjoy doing there and most importantly, make memories in that space with family and friends whom we care for.

I think about the children who come to live at Kurn Hattin Homes for the first time and how big a change it is to move to a new house that will eventually become their home-away-from-home. It takes time to feel at home, but the stability of having a daily routine helps-- as well as play spaces with room for each child's special things. The chance to make new friends and to experience new opportunities with other children, caring house parents and teachers all help to make Kurn Hattin feel even more like home.

"Home is where the heart is", as the saying goes. At Kurn Hattin Homes, everyone wants what is best for the children--a safe, secure, and loving environment that provides the children space to learn, to grow, to adapt, to make friends and memories and to have fun!

Moving is tough! But when it opens doors to new opportunities for those children who need it most, I am happy to support them in their efforts!

Won't you join The St Nicholas Project with your donation today to help Kurn Hattin Homes continue in their mission as a home for children in need?

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