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Overworked and underpaid

Do you know the feeling? It's the feeling of never being caught up to the point of not being able to finish anything. It's that dreadful sigh you emit when you sit at your desk covered with sticky notes with underlined messages and exclamation marks whose urgency dissipates with each passing day; files that get shuffled from one side of the desk to the other; the never ending string of emails and text messages that lurk in your Inbox filled with problem-solving.

And then, like a breath of fresh air, a charitable donation comes in the mail for the St. Nicholas Project as a gift for the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. It's the reminder that someone out there is thinking about our kids. It's a reminder from you--our dear St. Nicholas Project donors.

You are that breath of fresh air whose thoughtfulness, kindness and charity blow air into our sails that gives us the energy to keep on going.

You may not even realize how much joy you bring into our lives, how much your donation and kind words invigorate us to persevere in what we do. That's what it means to be a part of the Kurn Hattin family! We all help each other! Even though we may live miles apart, thoughtfulness, generosity and love are not limited by time and space. They can travel the world in a flash!

I keep some of the thank-you notes the kids have written me on my desk. I also keep some of your notes taped to my wall. When I have those days of feeling overwhelmed, I turn toward you, my "breath of fresh air. "

Thank you for remembering the boys and girls at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children with your donations. Please make a donation today and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Together we help children and families and we build each other up with renewed strength.

God bless you!

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1 Comment

Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Aug 06, 2020

As usual; it fits perfectly with my life. So many times do I feel overwhelmed by e-mails, sickness and all of lives little problems and then some one will call and give me a most pleasant surprise and all is forgotten. God has a way of taking care of everything!!! God bless you Father Harlow.

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