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We forget what it is like to be little. As adults, we are very much in control of the course of our lives--for the most part. Most of us don't remember what it was really like to be five, six, seven or eight years old--unless we relive it through our children and grandchildren.

We also forget the powerlessness of being at the whim of adults. Children are told where to go. What to eat. What to wear. They are often corrected for their innumerable mistakes. Their own desires for autonomy are often blocked by somebody else's priorities. In families where there are healthy boundaries and respect, these "rules and regulations" are necessary and helpful for everybody's well-being.

But what if a family has haphazard rules and inconsistent regulations and there is little respect because there is literally a crisis at every turn? Then, a child can grow up with an extreme sense of nervousness, insecurity and the sense of not knowing "the right thing to do."

At the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, one of the major strengths of the residential care environment is the consistency of expectations which allows the children to flourish with a sense of security and exploration. It is a healing environment in which the nervousness of instability is replaced by security. The kids don't have to worry if there will be enough food to eat or if they have any clean clothes to wear. They don't have to worry about going to school tomorrow or if they will be evicted from their homes. Rather, they have the assurance of food every day, clean and good-looking clothes and shoes. They can look forward to a quality education at their ability level and the knowledge that they have a roof over their heads every day of the week.

How is all of this possible? Well, you make it happen! You, our St. Nicholas Project donors! Your prayers, material and financial donations take the nervousness out of being a child. You take their fear and turn it into peace. I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

If you would like to join the St. Nicholas Project family in its mission with the Kurn Hattin Homes in providing care for the boys and girls who come to us, please make a donation today! God bless you!

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