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Spring into ideas

Spring has finally arrived in Vermont. The warm sun fills everybody with energy. People are out jogging, bike riding, raking their yards or just sitting in the sun absorbing some long-awaited warmth. Some are cleaning their houses and their cars! And some of us are even having spring ideas!

We all get renewed energy after having been cold for so many months. And renewed energy means renewed charity! This is the time for ideas to begin to blossom: ideas for The St. Nicholas Project to promote the good works that take place every day at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children; ideas for interesting fundraising projects; ideas for spreading our enthusiasm for charity for the children's home.

I am always happy to get inspired by other charitable organizations. Today in the mail, I received a clever card from the St. Francis Xavier Catholic School for their 2021 Spring Challenge. (P.S. I always give them a donation). They have a very talented development team and come up with some great ideas. You can check them out at: and see for yourselves!

So let's start off this early spring warm weather by sitting outside in the sun, with some drinks and snacks, and come up with our most creative ideas for promoting Kurn Hattin Homes and reaching to a new group of people to become donors and supporters.

To all of our St. Nicholas Project donors--thank you very much for your loyal support of the children's home this past winter. Enjoy the spring weather and I would love to hear some of your creative ideas! God bless you!

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