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St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle...

The St. Michael Prayer is prayed by thousands of Catholic people every day around the world. No doubt thousands of Ukrainian Catholics are praying that prayer today as their cities and towns are being assaulted by invading Russian troops.

There are battles on many fronts: international conflicts, domestic fighting, battles against cancer, spiritual battles and battles against mental illness. The term is applied even as advice: "Pick your battles." Implicit with any battle is the hope for victory for that which is good and for the defeat of that which is evil.

The battlefield of life itself is laden with casualties and the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children exists as a type of field hospital for those boys and girls caught in the battles of domestic problems, poverty, parental addictions, homelessness and a variety of other overwhelming social ills. With great courage, parents place their children at Kurn Hattin to keep them out of the line of fire of those domestic and social problems until those battles at home can be won. If there is no possibility of a victory, at least there is an "escape" route for the children to protect them from the damage of living in a domestic battleground.

The St. Nicholas Project strongly supports the mission of the children's home and recognizes those heroic faculty, staff and administrative personnel who keep the Homes operating seven days a week all year round. That "field hospital" never shuts down because its mission is too important and the children who take up residence there are too young to fend for themselves without the resources at Kurn Hattin to guide them, to teach them, to counsel them and to support them into adolescence. That support gives them a fighting start to become victorious in the future battles of life which they will face as young adults.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of that a victory? Please make a donation today to Kurn Hattin by clicking on the Donate icon above! God bless you!

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