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Summertime is here. Let's help kids!

Have you ever heard somebody say "things slow down in the summer"? If you work in a parish, you'll know that that's not true! The work just shifts from one priority to another. Living in Vermont can pose a lot of weather problems due to the snow and ice, so this summer we are in full gear to hit the road!! The St. Nicholas Project is using these warmer summer months to travel throughout the state of Vermont to different Catholic churches spreading the good news about the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children.

I have two great volunteers, Laura and Ivan, who will be traveling from one end of the state to another with brochures, cookbooks, photos and a DVD display of the Kurn Hattin Homes. I know YOU want to become involved with charity because it makes you feel great and it changes the lives of kids!

If you care about homeless children, kids coming from families with drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, abuse or poverty, then you certainly want to learn as much as you can about Kurn Hattin and make a donation to support their work. Just because it's summer, it doesn't mean that homelessness, poverty, abuse or troubled families "go away." These problems still hurt the kids--year round. I want as many people in our Vermont Catholic churches to find out about the St. Nicholas Project and our goal of connecting the Catholic community in Vermont with material and financial donations for Kurn Hattin. I want as many people in Vermont to learn about and support Kurn Hattin regardless of their religious affiliation. And YOU'RE one of them!

So spend your summer with us by making a donation to Kurn Hattin on my Donate page. Check out their website: Make a summer day trip to visit them in Westminster, VT. Share my blog with your friends and family. Summertime is here. There is a lot YOU can do to help the kids right from your computer this summer!!

Laura and Ivan with FREE shirts for family day at St. Anne Shrine on July 7, 2019. Come get one!

Thank you for remembering the boys and girls at Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. God bless you!

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