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Sometimes we think we know what children think, but we often don't give them enough credit for having thoughts much deeper than what we would imagine. This Fall, four children in Grades 7 and 8 at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children listed several things for which they were thankful. I want to share that list with you because it is written by children who all come from difficult backgrounds and are living at Kurn Hattin Homes--a place which has changed their lives:

-Thankful for our health.

-Thankful for the feeling of safety.

-Thankful for this state of Vermont.

-Thankful for our family.

-Thankful for friends that have become family.

-Thankful for being given a voice.

-Thankful for the opportunity to be who we want to be.

-Thankful for a beautiful campus to call our home away from home.

-Thankful for Kurn Hattin and all that it has provided to us.

-Thankful for the support of the staff around us.

-Thankful for the rainbows after the rain.*

I would like to add to this litany of thankfulness one more item:

-Thankful for all of the donors to the St. Nicholas Project which supports Kurn Hattin.

You, our St. Nicholas Project donors, are changing lives of these children every day. You may not always realize that, but it's true. Thank you for your constant love and concern for the boys and girls there and for your material and financial donations!

If you would like to join the St. Nicholas Project as donors to the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, just make your donation today! There are a lot of kids out there waiting to thank you! God bless you!

*(KHH for Children Bulletin 2021 Volume 1)

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