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The Times They Are A Changin'

Have you ever had the experience of going back to your school as an adult and thinking to yourself, "It all seemed so much larger when I was a kid"? I've had that experience many times in my life visiting my old grade school and high school. As small children, we perceive things and places as being much larger than they really are. Even teachers seemed to be larger than life.

For the alumni at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children who return to visit, or even to work there, I wonder if they notice the same thing? It's not that the buildings have grown up, but that the kids have. And, that's what we all want. What we don't want is for the kids to lose the sense of what a special place the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children remains even over the passage of time. The original mission of serving children and families in need hasn't changed although personnel come and go, fashions come and go, typewriters over night turn into computers, but the love, compassion and education which make Kurn Hattin unique will and must perdure.

What also hasn't changed is our love for our donors and benefactors whose generosity helps us bridge one generation to another. I was happy to see some alumni on-campus this summer and to see how grown up they've become. I have you to thank for that because your financial and material support got them through the "changes" of a very difficult childhood!

Please join me in supporting the Kurn Hattin mission of helping children in need with your financial donation today by clicking on the Donate icon above. The times may be a changin', but love endures forever. God bless you!

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Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Aug 18, 2022


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