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This Card Was For You

The following (unedited) note was included in the card that is printed in this week's blog. It is from a young boy at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children which The St. Nicholas Project supports through material and financial donations. We did a fall fundraiser called "Shoes for St. Nicholas" which collected money so that the staff could buy the boys and girls new shoes for the school year:

"Dear Father Harlow,

Thank you for the shoes. I really appreciate it. I have needed them for a long time. Before I got these, my shoes were really bad. The inside of them were bad, so I really appreciate it. These shoes were a big thing for me because I needed new shoes for basketball and just because I needed them. Thank you so much! These shoes bring me so much joy." -- L.W.

I have saved this card for about two years. It helps me stay focused on our mission at The St. Nicholas Project, which is to support the children's home with their work as a residential care facility and school for children at risk. We support it by spreading the word about the good work they are doing and by encouraging Catholics (and others) to join us with donations.

I also keep this card because it makes me feel great every time I read it! Although it is addressed to me, the names of all of our donors should rightfully be on it, too.

Do you want to feel great, too? Then, please, join the St. Nicholas Project family and make a donation to Kurn Hattin Homes for Children today. God bless you!

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