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When lightning strikes

Have you ever had a day when you ask yourself, "What else can go wrong?" Then lightning strikes. Literally. Tonight, lightning struck my church's steeple where I am the priest. Fortunately, the lightning rod conducted and grounded the electrical charge, but it did burnout our Wi-Fi and ruin a camera. It also carried the electrical current through two buildings into the rectory kitchen where there was a sudden flash of light scaring the people in there.

It was not major, just a very unsettling reminder of our vulnerability to forces beyond our control. That's what it's like for many of the children who come to the Kurn Hattin Homes. Their parents ask that same question, "What else can go wrong?" They are facing financial struggles, drug issues for some, incarceration for others, trauma, divorces and deaths and just being unable to cope with one more thing added on to "one more thing." It takes a toll on the best of families.

Fortunately, Kurn Hattin is like a lightning rod which absorbs those overwhelming forces for families. The Homes provide a safe haven for the children who live and go to school there so that their families can regroup, de-stress and breathe a sigh of relief. The St. Nicholas Project is a proud partner and friend of the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children and we absorb those forces with them that emanate from the many "storms of life" that erupt.

Won't you help us? I would love for you to become a donor and friend of Kurn Hattin, too. Please make a donation to Kurn Hattin and be a proud supporter, too. God bless you!

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