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When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd

I am smelling the lilacs that are on the table in my office right now. The scent is permeating the room. I picked them yesterday from the tiny bush in my backyard at just the right time. As you know, they don't remain in bloom for very long, but while they do, they smell terrific!

It takes a lot of patience to love a lilac bush. I look at it "out of bloom" for most of the year and how much I look forward to about ten days of beauty, maybe, if I'm lucky. Then it's back to green leaves and then barren branches for the long Vermont winters.

A thing of beauty is rare and those extraordinary things divert our attention from the humdrum of routine. The donors to the St. Nicholas Project are things of beauty like the flowers on a lilac bush. Their charity, generosity and thoughtfulness are the perfume that makes the world a more beautiful place for people who haven't experienced much beauty. They make the world more beautiful because they change the lives of boys and girls by their donations to the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. They may not realize it, but it's true! A lilac bush doesn't realize how beautiful it is until somebody tells it so. (I don't really talk to the bushes, but you get my point!). A donor may not realize how beautiful his or her soul is until somebody tells him or her.

And while I am not able to talk to all of you, our St. Nicholas Project donors, I do hope that you will one day read this reflection and know how grateful I am that you have made the world a more beautiful place by your donations to the children's home. I will think of you every time I smell the sweet lilacs in May.

I would love for any new readers to help us transform the lives of children and families by making a donation to the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children today. Please

make their lives beautiful. God bless you!

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