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Will you be their Valentine?

Red hearts, pink hearts, chocolates and flowers, greeting cards and teddy bears and pastel-colored candy conversation hearts. "Be mine", "It's Love" and "Dream", they say. "Will you be my Valentine?" These are, of course, all images of what we see and experience on Valentine's Day. We're reminded on this one day to celebrate our loved ones and our friends. It's a time to show even more love and care toward those who are most dear to us with little, tangible expressions of our love. As Catholic Christians, we are called to love each other not just on this one day, but every day! We are to love our neighbor as ourself. Nonetheless, on Valentine's Day, it doesn't hurt to show greater appreciation and love to those we care about, and also to be thankful for the love that surrounds us. How would you feel, however, on Valentine's Day and every day, if you lived with daily distress, poverty, abuse and violence or homelessness? What if you were a child living that way who could only dream of living in a loving, safe and encouraging home? But, it just wasn't there? Let me give you some wonderful news!!

This Valentine's Day, while continuing to remember spouses, friends and loved ones, let's also remember the children at Kurn Hattin Homes who have lived in very challenging situations.

Thanks to Kurn Hattin Homes, these children can now find hope and a sense of self-worth in a nurturing and caring environment that helps them gain confidence and teaches them to strive to be their very best, to love and to help one another.

* "It's Love" a little green candy says when we share our financial and material support with the children at Kurn Hattin Homes. *"Be Mine" a little pink candy heart says. Will you join me in this project of being a blessing to children in need? *"Dream" that little orange heart says. And so I do.

I dream that YOU will support Kurn Hattin Homes with YOUR generosity and help put smiles on the children's faces and joy in their hearts this Valentine's Day and EVERY day. Will YOU be their Valentine this year and show the children your love and support with your donation to Kurn Hattin Homes for Children?

Guest blogger, Laura Duquette

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