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You are amazing!

I am amazed at the thoughtfulness of our donors. You have risen to the occasion to provide financial assistance for the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children during a time when many people in America are getting more and more cranky, impatient and divisive. But you, the St. Nicholas Project donors, are different because God has touched your heart by grace and you have blossomed in the sunlight of His amazing grace. Despite your own personal circumstances and stress, you have made generous donations to our emergency food card program during the pandemic.

Families, individuals, married couples, single people, widows and widowers, priests, and Knights of Columbus councils in Vermont have raised the standard of charity and lifted it high as a beacon of hope for the boys and girls at Kurn Hattin Homes to ensure that their families will have access to food to provide for their children as the weeks of this pandemic drag on.


Although these children will never know that you are their special guardian angels, God knows and He will bless you and your families abundantly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will remember you in my daily prayers and Masses. God bless you and may St. Nicholas intercede for all of your needs.

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