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Your donation makes life beautiful!

In Vermont at this time of year, the foliage is beautiful and although I have lived here all my life, I am stunned every fall by the brightness and beauty of the colored leaves. The amazing thing is that in the spring all the leaves start out with the same green color. By mid-October, their "individuality" begins to shine and there is an eruption of unrepeatable patterns of yellows, reds and oranges.

Such is the case with the children at Kurn Hattin. Each boy and girl blossoms into something uniquely beautiful nurtured by family, staff, teachers, counselors and houseparents who cultivate them through the year.

As a charitable donor to Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, you are doing something much more than just giving money, you are helping children blossom into something beautiful for God. That is also the hope of the St. Nicholas Project. We are more than just fundraisers. We spread the message of the good work taking place at the children's home knowing that each child there has a beautiful soul just waiting to bloom at the right time. And when it does it is breathtaking! Confidence, self-esteem, friendship, forgiveness, respect are just some of the vibrant "colors" that distinguish these children one from the other.

If you live in New England or other regions of the country where there is beautiful fall foliage, go outside and take a long look at the colored leaves. Then, remind yourself that these leaves are an analogy for the souls of the children who are living this year at Kurn Hattin. Your contribution does make a difference! It makes the world more beautiful by taking a child's life and giving him or her the opportunity to blossom into something beautiful and unique through the care and nurturance they receive at Kurn Hattin. Your donation makes

all things possible for them! Please make a donation today at the donate button. God bless you!

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