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Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Maybe some of you remember this song made popular by Bobby Vinton which was released in 1962. The lyrics are very poignant as is the melody. It's about a soldier away from home feeling the pangs of being forgotten and unloved. You don't have to be a soldier away from home to feel that wretched sadness. I know you have felt it, too.

The boys and girls who come to us at Kurn Hattin also experience loneliness, and for young children who are not able to think abstractly about the passage of time, that loneliness seems to be unending. That's why the loving care of houseparents, teachers, counselors and staff assuages that loneliness and transforms it into peace and security.

I have been recently involved in the care of several 20-year old homeless youth who have spent most of their lives feeling lonely due to circumstances in their childhood and home life. I often thought that if they had been able to go to Kurn Hattin when they were children, it could have changed the direction of their lives and perhaps have prevented some of the bad choices they made as teenagers.

Although I can't go backwards in time to change their lives, I need you to help me change the lives of the children who come to us at the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Some of them are lonely RIGHT NOW. Your love and care can help them. It really can!

Please make a financial contribution today to Kurn Hattin so that these boys and girls can find stability, safety, food, loving acceptance, shelter and education so that whatever loneliness they are experiencing can be healed--today. Not in ten years.

If you could have heard the sorrow in the voices of these 20-somethings, which even now haunts my memory, you would be as passionate as I am about getting children from troubled homes into Kurn Hattin. Please help.

God bless you!

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