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The other night I was unexpectedly caught in a huge storm. Driving was treacherous, so I slowly made my way to the church and I parked in front of the entrance. The wind whipped the trees back and forth, the thunder rumbled, and the rain was fierce. It was a scary feeling being stuck in my car without being able to leave safely. When the storm calmed, I made it inside and was very grateful and relieved.

Later that same evening when I was about to fall asleep, I heard soft raindrops on my windowpane. That same rain, which had earlier been combined with wind and force, (creating a harrowing ordeal!), had become extremely calming and peaceful--just a steady pitter-pattering of sound.

When you consider a child living through a challenging situation at home day-in and day-out, that he or she cannot control, it becomes a scary situation with nowhere to go and no way to stop it. Many of the children at Kurn Hattin have experienced some of life’s biggest storms. Fear and sadness about a difficult family situation are like those driving rains and howling winds.

So, when a child in need reaches the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, the difficulties can begin to dissipate. A stable routine, caring house parents and teachers provide security. This new environment allows them to have positive experiences, hope and new friendships--all the things that will support them to handle the future with confidence.

And you, our St Nicholas Project donor family who care about the children’s wellbeing, are like those tranquil raindrops that help nourish and sustain their lives and allow them to grow into something beautiful.

I hope next time you hear the peaceful raindrops fall, you’ll think of how your support of the children makes a big difference in their lives.

Please join us this summer with a donation to Kurn Hattin! God bless you! (By guest blogger, Laura Duquette)

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1 Comment

Linda M. Perrin
Linda M. Perrin
Jul 27, 2021

A beautiful reminder of just how important our donations are to Kurn Hattin. Beautifully said Laura.

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