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Santa's rent-a-van?

It all started with an idea in 2015. Let's clean out basements, garages and attics that have sports equipment, bikes, footballs, baseballs, etc. and give the equipment to the boys and girls at the children's home in Westminster, VT. I made an appeal to the Knights of Columbus throughout the state of Vermont in the spring of 2018 and worked locally with the DeGoesbriand Council in Burlington. We collected a van full of equipment! The best part was partnering with these Catholic men to get involved with some hands-on fundraising. Catholics are very generous, but sometimes it seems we're always looking for money. When it came to rolling up their sleeves and cleaning out their garages, the Knights of Columbus were a huge help. I drove two and half hours to Westminster with the sports equipment. I felt like Santa in his sleigh--without the reindeer, but with a lot of "horsepower" to make the trip. The children at Kurn Hattin were thrilled when I drove up to the door of the school with the van. They helped unload the equipment (in the drizzling rain, by the way). One little boy exclaimed, "It's just like Christmas day!" We are always seeking used sports equipment for the children. They are boys and girls ages 5-15 and anything in gently used condition (or brand new!) would light up their faces and make you feel like Santa Claus, too! Visit their website at: to make a financial donation or if you are in Vermont we could arrange a pick up for sports equipment.

Spring 2018 sports equipment donations for Kurn Hattin Homes for Children. Thank you DeGoesbriand Council Knights of Columbus! I am about to depart with my "sleigh" to deliver the equipment for the boys and girls in early May.

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