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Seasons Change

(Guest blog by Laura Duquette)

Every March I think the same thing. Spring is just around the corner, even though I cannot yet see it. Subtle signs signal the change...the snow starts melting, the eaves start dripping and the wind starts howling during the night. It does not appear much is changing until one day the snow is almost gone, I suddenly hear the first group of geese calling loudly as they fly north, and the days become just a little bit warmer. Though everything is still brown and seemingly dormant, the sun is notably brighter, the days get a little longer, and the robins and other songbirds begin to return. Change becomes more evident.

Just like the seasons' change is often gradual, we can relate the experience of the children at Kurn Hattin Homes to this very same process. Many of the children who have been living in a cold winter of difficult circumstances find a place of hope and nurturing at the Homes that brings about an interior change in them; one where they experience acceptance, belonging, trust and hope. As time goes on, this change in their environment will inevitably become visible in outward expressions such as joy and smiles, new friendships, and more self-confidence to try to do something new.

As part of the St Nicholas project family, we know that our financial support helps Kurn Hattin to provide a supportive home that leads the children through positive change in their life experiences that ultimately brings them to a brighter future. Just like the subtle changes in season give way to a beautiful Spring filled with flowers, warmth, and growth, so too does Kurn Hattin Homes provide the needed environment for the children to move out of the winters of despair and sadness into a springtime of hope, of opportunity and of love. Please consider donating to Kurn Hattin Homes and help bring about a springtime of hope for the children.

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