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St. Nicholas is not just for Christmas

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Great things take place in small towns! In 1894, in a small town in Southern Vermont, a Protestant minister by the name of Rev. Charles A Dickinson, founded a home for children from the streets of Boston who were orphaned or had no family support. Today, that non-profit institution continues to care for boys and girls who are away from their families for a variety of socio-economic reasons. The St. Nicholas project, named after the patron saint for children, connects the Catholic community in Vermont (and beyond) by providing material and financial support for these boys and girls--and so much more. I would love for you to help those boys and girls, too. First, by learning about this great charitable institution. Second, pray for all of the children, staff, volunteers and benefactors. Third, make a donation!

St. Nicholas--patron saint of children

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Eva Root
Eva Root
Nov 15, 2020

How much are your Christmas cards?

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