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Where Did They Go?

I can't believe it's been ten years since I last saw these kids! I'm talking about the ones in the photo you're looking at now. They are now in their mid-20s. Incredible! If you're a teacher, you know what I mean. Your students grow up so quickly and you don't recognize them as adults, but if you bring out a ten or twenty year-old picture of them, then you recognize them!

As fundraisers and donors, we should be like proud parents, or proud teachers, who look at pictures of their "kids" and say--"I'm so proud of what you've become!" Fundraising is not always about money; it's about people. It's about changing people's lives. In fact, donating to a charity like the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children should be one success story after another.

Ten years ago when this photo was taken, every donor to the St. Nicholas Project changed the lives of the kids in this photo. You, the donor, provided the means by which these children's lives and circumstances went in a different direction, a "better" direction, than if they hadn't had you in their lives. And you should be proud of that!

When you look at any of the photos that are printed through the St. Nicholas Project or the Kurn Hattin Homes for Children, you can take credit for the success that the boys and girls have had. That they have received a great education. That they've had three meals (and more!) to eat every day. That they've had nice clothes and decent shoes. That they've learned how to cope with trauma. That they've learned how to play a musical instrument and performed before an audience or sang a solo on stage. That they did the impossible--graduating from high school and/or college.

Be proud of what you've done! Be proud of what you've given to the St. Nicholas Project! Be proud to be a part of the Kurn Hattin family! Please make a donation today and change some lives! "Your kids" need you. God bless you!

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